We have various departments that have trained and experienced staff and doctors.

Medical Services

The medical service that we offer is something that cannot be matched by anyone.


Our research sector is working tirelessly to arrive at solutions with many medical issues. Our research team is considered to be one of the best in the world.

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All it takes is a phone call, and you can easily fix the appointments with simple procedures.

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Every department at our facility is equipped with the latest equipment with we can provide the best quality services.


Every Physician in our hospital has years of experience in their respective field and will make sure that you are completely cured.


Our rehabilitation center has a great track record. It is considered to be one of the best in the country. We are proud that we have transformed many lives.

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WMGH health care is a name that is very synonymous with providing one of the best health care services in the whole country. Our constant thirst for perfection and unparalleled dedication towards work has made us who we are today.

A leading light in healthcare.

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We have caring staff who are very dedicated to their work. We are absolutely sure that you will have complete healing and there will be an evident difference in your health condition.

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Professional Environment. Quality Services.

Our professionalism in our work has helped us to perform better in every aspect that you could think of. The quality of services that we offer is what that sets us apart from the rest.


Our Chemotherapy center is one of the biggest in the country. On a daily basis, we treat around a hundred patients.

Eye Specialist

Our eye specialists are one of the most experienced and talented. We have more than five hundred successful surgeries.

Dental check

We also have a separate dental department with some of the best dentists in the country.

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6 Reasons Why Regular Health Check-up Is Important

We have been listening to the adults saying it since forever, to visit the doctor regularly to get the usual check-ups done. There are many reasons they say so; the most important reason is that the regular check-ups ensure the screening of diseases and if there is any symptom that might look bothering can be diagnosed in time and quickly. This also ensures that, in case of any symptom it could be taken care of immediately as delaying in such chronicle cases like health issue, might get worse with time if not taken care of.  Getting these check-ups done depends on you, if you want them to be conducted quarterly or twice a year. The more frequently you would visit, the more beneficial it is, for you. Few reasons listed below, justifies why regular health check-ups are important:

Lower Healthcare costs-

  The more aware you stay about your body; the more chances are there to keep yourself fit. When you keep visit the doctor for regular check-ups, you are updated about your system. If any issue starts occurring, due to continuous consultancy it would not take long to start working towards improvement or start with the cure. The sooner it begins, the better it gets for your pockets because early stage diagnosis are less expensive.

Nips diseases in the Bud-

If you stop the disease from expansion you cut down most of the ill effects which would begin later. With regular diagnoses, doctors are capable to kill the expansion while it is easy to get rid of it. As we know, it is easy to cure cancer at early stage rather than curing it in the last stage. The same is the condition, with every health issue, even if it is as minimal as cough, because you never know which seems like cough might convert into tuberculosis soon.

Blood Tests-

With regular check-up you get your blood tests regularly and if any condition occurs, the results are avid in the blood very quickly and hence is easy to detect the issue sooner.

Identify Stress related diseases-

Increase in stress and anxiety might cultivate a seed of major health issue and regular check-ups help to consult a therapist and meditate to recover from the stress and anxiety.

Helps you stay updated about your health-

When you are aware of how your body is working, you can easily stay put and work towards what is going wrong. If you are suffering from diabetes, you are aware to avoid sugar and related things which might increase your sugar level. If you are suffering from heart related issue, you would be aware of avoid high cholesterol substances.