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image" Religious care and spiritual wellness is an essential element of the healing process and is provided by spiritual and emotional support for patients, patients' families, and staff, with a sensitivity to the variety of cultural and Faith expressions."

The above is the mission statement of Spiritual and Religious Care here at Wilson Memorial General Hospital. Formerly, "Pastoral Care", the department has been given fresh life with the inclusion of a Multifaith Sanctuary, as part of the current construction and the creation of a part-time Coordinator position. The department is supervised and guided by the Spiritual and Religious Care Advisory Committee - actively interested clergy and laypersons within the community.

Spiritual and Religious Care has set a number of goals and objectives to meet the spiritual and emotional needs of patients, their families and staff. Some of these being actively worked on to date are:

  • Introduction to all new admissions
  • Providing a quiet space for retreat, worship or ceremony for all Faiths
  • Ensuring literature, pastoral information and other resources are readily available
  • Enhancing awareness of spirituality in healing
  • Continuing education opportunities for volunteers and hospital staff



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